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Fresh Frozen Seafoods

Sea Catch- Yaman Dagat

Sea Catch Frozen Galunggong Pack 4's

Sea Catch Frozen Tambakol (Tuna)

Sea Catch Tinappang Tawilis (Herring)

Sea Catch Tinappang Galunggong

Black Tie

Black Tie Frozen Shrimp Box

Black Tie Frozen Silverfish Box

Black Tie Gutted & Scaled Tilapia

Manila's Best

Manila's Best Fresh Frozen Milkfish Whole Bangus

Manila's Best Daing na Bangus Pack 3's

Manila Bay Frozen Smelt Fish Pack

Sarangani Bay

Sarangani Bay Daing na Bangus Pack 3's

Sarangani Bay Rellenong Bangus Pack

Sarangani Bay Tinappang Bangus (Boneless)

Sarangani Bay Frozen Pompano

Phil King Fish

Phil King Dalagang Bukid Pack

Phil King Hasa-Hasa Pack

Phil King Lapu-Lapu Pack

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