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Promotion & Products on Sale

Promo Promo Na!

New Products:

Bahay Kubo Pork Tosino- $9.00 for 3!

Bahay Kubo Beef Tapa- Pinapple Infused: $3.99 regular $4.29

Bahay Kubo Chicken Tosino- Pineapple Infused: $3.99 regular $4.29

Bahay Kubo Pork Blood 375ml- $3.29

Bahay Kubo Beef Blood 375ml- $3.29

Sarap Pinoy Sandwich Spread (Ang Sarap!) - $3.99 each

Sarap Pinoy Keso Spread- Ang Sarap!- $5.50 each

Good Sense Calamansi Extract- $3.99 each- No Sugar, No Honey Added Pure Calamasi Extract; Good For Marinade & Soups!

Moondish Laing in Can 155g- $1.29 each

Moondish Bicol Express in Can 155g- $1.29 each

Palm Corned Beef Hash- $4.29 each

Goldilocks Sansrival Slices- $5.99 each- Fresh From The Philippines- Limited Stock!

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