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Please contact our sales department for details, pricing and ordering.

We offer these products at both Retail and Wholesale costing.

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Golden Boy

Golden Boy Fish Sauce 750ml

Nong Shim

Nong Shim Kimchi Bowl

Nong Shim Cuttlefish Snack

Nong Shim Prawn Crackers


JHL Fried Onion

Madame Wong Fried Garlic

JHL Green Mung Bean (Mungo)


X.O. Glutinous Rice Flour

X.O. Rice Flour

X.O. Green Mung Bean


Arroy-D Tom Yum in Can

Arroy-D Mussaman Curry

Arroy-D Red Curry

Arroy-D Green Curry

Arroy-D Coconut Milk

Arroy-D Quail Eggs in Can

Arroy-D Green Jackfruit in Can

Arroy-D Bamboo Shoots in Can

Arroy-D Yellow Jackfruit in Can


Golden Lady Jasmine Milagrosa Rice 8KG

Golden Buddha Jasmine Milagrosa Rice 18.14KG

Golden Panda Jasmine Milagrosa Brown Rice 2.5KG

Longetivity Sweet Rice (Malagkit) 2.5KG

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